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Duets for two violins from the court of Versailles. Guignon, Guillemain, Roget

In this new recording, Anima Concordia explore the repertoire that draw a line between musical rivals Jean-Marie Leclair and Italian-born Jean-Pierre Guignon, as well as works by the highly creative and imaginative Guillemain and the lesser Known Roget.

Recorded at 392 Hz 

Jean-Marie Leclair Premier Livre , Op.3, Paris,1730

Anima Concordia delight us in the delicate and elegant style of the "French Baroque", an sublime set of sonatas for two. Performed on original instruments.

Jean -Marie leclair Second Livre Op.12, Paris,1747

This amazing set of sonatas by its very nature suggest symmetry, intimacy and solidarity.

Leclair`s twelve sonatas manifest this ideal in its pure and most perfect form.

Liner notes by Michael Talbot.


They thoroughly acknowledge Leclair’s marriage of Italian and French styles in these duets.Tempos are well judged throughout, graces are faithfully executed, extempore ornamentation is tastefully introduced and rhythms are occasionally infused with a subtle inequality.                                                                                                                                                                          The Strad


They play straightforwardly and vigorously, with lots of white light separating notes as well as phrases.

                                                                                                          Fanfare Classical Music Magazine US.




A baroque duet whose sound is a rich and romantic experience!                  A.Takahashi, The Record Geijitsu Magazine, Tokyo, 2010




Anima Concordia is an ensemble whose joyful musical discourse

              delights us in the delicate and elegant style of the "French Baroque"                  Yamada. CD Journal, Tokyo 2010




This CD enriches our appreciation of the originality and imagination

of the music of  Jean -Marie Leclair                                                                   The Record Geijitsu Magazine, Tokyo, 2010




They convey all the beauty of Leclair's work, it is well worth taking

some quality listening time for this performance                                                CDJournal Magazine, Tokyo 2010




Anima Concordia: even without the usual  "basso continuo",

this duet has a rich and balanced sound                                                            M.Ohki. The record magazine. Tokyo 2010